When D(iagnosis)-Day isn’t an End . . .

Rapid advancements in perinatal testing equip families with information about their newest members as they prepare to welcome them. This information can be so valuable for families to prepare their hearts and homes for children with special needs or to prepare emotionally for what might be a short time with their children. Imagine the range of emotions: joy, devastation, anticipation, fear, stress, and others that they may experience. Read more

Holy Leisure & Delighting in People

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton reflected on a moment of leisure:

I set off into the woods and soon found an outlet in a meadow; and a chestnut tree with rich moss underneath and a warm sun overhead. Here, then, was a sweet bed. The air still, a clear blue vault above – the numberless sounds of spring melody and joy filled the air – and my heart was made to be as innocent as a human heart could be, filled with an enthusiastic love to God and admiration of His works . . . God was my father, my all. I prayed, sang hymns, cried, laughed, and talked to myself about how far He could place me above my sorrow. Then I laid still to enjoy the heavenly peace that came over my soul; and I am sure, in the two hours so enjoyed, grew ten years in the spiritual life. . .”

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I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me

How do we become an inviting church? It begins with hospitality. That is what the six hundred guests who visited St. Benedict parish in Halifax for the Divine Renovation conference witnessed.

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“Before This, I Had Never Felt Worthy to Approach God. . . .”

“Let the Church always be a place of mercy and hope, where everyone is welcomed, loved, and forgiven.” Pope Francis.

We are a Church of mercy.

Does the young mother who feels as if she has committed the unforgivable sin know that? Does the father who did not stand by the mother of his child in a time of fear know that? Does the grieving grandparent or aunt or uncle know that? Read more

Two Ways You and Your Parishioners Can Be Faithful Citizens in 2016

Faithful Citizenship. What exactly does it mean to be a “faithful citizen”? In The Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, the US Bishops state: “In the Catholic Tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation … Read more

Q. What Has 1,200,000 Feet, 600,000 Heads, and 1 Huge Heart?

A. The March for Life in Washington, DC on January 22.

It’s 600,000 people on a mission to restore the right to life for every human being.

To get an idea of what happens on that amazing day here’s a 3-minute video of some our parishioners at last year’s March. Read more