Holy Family Randallstown Pastoral Plan – To believe in Christ, belong to His Church and bless our communities

The Planning team at Holy Family, Randallstown were part of the 2018 cohort of parishes.  They worked on their plan through the pandemic and have now updated and released their new evangelization-based plan.  The team wants to focus their resources on accomplishing the God-given mission of the parish.  The parish looks to reach out to those in the community who are not part of the parish, including the new housing that is going up in their community.  They are interested in engaging families and young adults in their parish and community.  They also want to spend some intentional time looking at their facilities and seeing how they serve the mission of their parish to bring people to Christ, help them to belong and participate in His Church and to continue to be a blessing to the Randallstown community.

Click here to view Holy Family’s plan.