Mission Matters: March 13, 2018

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”: Ecumenical and Interfaith Commemoration -MLK, Jr.; The Institute of Catholic Culture; The Injustice of Family Breakdown; Maryland March for Life guest speaker Read more

Watch Cardinal Tagle’s Unforgetable Homily on Hope

Hope was the theme of this year’s Mid-Atlantic Congress. This theme came alive in an unforgettable way in the words of Cardinal Tagle, 32nd Archbishop of Manila in the Philippines. His “keynote homily” had the over 1,500 participants sometimes laughing, sometimes wiping away tears, as he unpacked the true meaning of Christian hope. We’re happy to share the video of his homily with you here. Please pass it along to anyone you know who may be in need of these life-giving words of hope.

For reflection: In what sense is hope essential for our mission to evangelize and make disciples of Jesus Christ?

Mission Matters: February 27, 2018

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”: NEW Pastoral Letter from Abp. Lori; Corrie Marie album; Catholic Evangelizing Lessons from Billy Graham; What Church People Can Learn from Elon Musk Read more

Missionary Discipleship and the Emanation of Joy

We often feel the joy that comes from serving our church in the mission of evangelization in our given vocation and as leaders. However, are we aware of the joy that we have shared when we do this beautiful work? Read more

Mission Matters: February 13, 2018

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”: Witness to Justice; Lent in 3 Minutes; Word on Fire ENGAGE; Regional Townhall Meetings with Office of Respect Life Read more

Holy Week: Hispanic Traditions as Ways of Evangelization

In Latin America and Spain Holy week is lived intensely. Hispanics celebrate the passion of the Lord with colorful images and with signs that represent their culture, this ‘religiosidad popular’ is what helps the community accompany the Lord on his way to the cross. Read more