Are You Alive?

We don’t go through Lent, through the sacrifice, penance, and prayer to finish the forty days and continue to stay in the tomb. If we are preparing ourselves for the Easter celebration then it seems obvious that we’re preparing ourselves for joy. What does joy look like? How about … Read more

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross according to the method of Saint Francis.

We adore you O’ Christ and we praise you.

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Lent and Pope Francis

And just like that, Lent is upon us! If you’re looking for some suggestions for how to live this Lent, Kevin Cotter from FOCUS selected some tips from Pope Francis. Maybe some (or all) of these will help direct your Lenten practices this year.

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“Be kind to your neighbor as yourself” … Said Jesus Never

With the work of the new evangelization, we hear over and over the invitation to be a more welcoming Church. So we are updating our websites, putting up campus maps and signs, recruiting greeters… and yet our Holy Father and Archbishop Lori continue to challenge us to be even more welcoming. Read more

Lent and Marriage: A Match Made at the Synod

Pope Francis and the bishops at the Synod on the Family called for marriage preparation to take on a catechumenal form. What an exciting proposition! When preparing couples for marriage, I invite them to model their immediate marriage preparation after Lent and Advent. Read more

With Blizzards – and Lent – Attitude is Everything

“Are you throwing snow for the dogs to play?” asked my three-year old son, Samuel. I stopped shoveling, straightened up with my hand on my sore lower back, and looked around, dumbfounded. “Well, yes, I guess I am.” When Jesus said, “unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven,” He knew exactly what He was talking about. Read more