St. Agnes/St. William of York Pastoral Plan – Two Parishes United

St. Agnes and St. William of York have shared a pastor since 2010.  They have come together over the past 13 years, sharing staff and leadership.  Responding to Archbishop Lori’s Light Brightly Visible pastoral letter, they formed a planning team and developed an evangelization-based plan for their pastorate, starting in 2020.    The plan calls for the leadership to welcome and channel people into small faith-sharing groups.  There is a strong emphasis on family ministry as the pastorate rolls out the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd in their newly designed atrium, and invites the community youth to their six-week “Camp Carlo” summer program.

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St. Ann Hagerstown Pastoral Plan – A Light for Our Path

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 119, the Planning Team from St. Ann Hagerstown reflected on their confidence and reliance on the light of the Holy Spirit to guide and direct their efforts to fulfill their mission of being a “Welcoming Catholic Community that loves God, Forms Disciples, Serves Others and Changes Lives.”  The Team stressed the primacy of prayer for holiness and for mission as they developed this plan.  They also clearly outlined key measures for their initiatives which will lead to accountability as they work on them. The involvement of the lay faithful in the development and implementation of this plan truly made this strategic process a group effort.  The plan is well articulated and beautifully laid out which will encourage their parishioners to join the efforts to transform this parish and the surrounding community in Hagerstown.

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Holy Family Randallstown Pastoral Plan – To believe in Christ, belong to His Church and bless our communities

The Planning team at Holy Family, Randallstown were part of the 2018 cohort of parishes.  They worked on their plan through the pandemic and have now updated and released their new evangelization-based plan.  The team wants to focus their resources on accomplishing the God-given mission of the parish.  The parish looks to reach out to those in the community who are not part of the parish, including the new housing that is going up in their community.  They are interested in engaging families and young adults in their parish and community.  They also want to spend some intentional time looking at their facilities and seeing how they serve the mission of their parish to bring people to Christ, help them to belong and participate in His Church and to continue to be a blessing to the Randallstown community.

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St. Joseph Odenton Pastoral Plan – A Beacon of God’s Love and Hope in Service to all of His People

The Planning team at St. Joseph, Odenton were part of the 2018 cohort of parishes.  They completed their plan just prior to the pandemic and have now updated and released their new evangelization-based plan.  The plan builds on the four well-established pillars of the parish; To Build, To Believe, To belong and to Bear Witness.  The Plan leverages the diversity of the St. Joseph community with a focus on celebrating diverse liturgies and feast days and identifying different groups in the community that are not being served by the parish to engage them.  They have already begun to shift their faith formation model away from a classroom model to engaging family catechesis.  They also hope to engage their parishioners in outreach that will connect their faith with service.

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St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Pastoral Plan – Know the Gift, Live the Gratitude

The Planning team at St. Alphonsus Rodriguez revised their 2018 Pastoral Plan to lead their parishioners to make missionary disciples in the Jesuit tradition.  Their motto of “Know the Gift, Live the Gratitude” permeates their plan based on the six Core Mission Priorities as outlined by Archbishop Lori in his pastoral letter, Light Brightly Visible 2.0.  The parish has already identified most of the lay leaders who will lead working groups to implement the plan.  They have internally and externally focused goals for each of the Core Mission Priorities, and will focus on Welcome and Encounter in the first year of implementation.  When sharing their plan with Archbishop Lori, he commented that this approach to evangelization was what he was hoping that parishes would embrace.

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Partnership in Mission plan for St. John, Long Green Valley

For the past two years, a group of about 15 parishioners and parish staff have been meeting to discuss specific ways that their “Partnership in Mission” building blocks of Vibrant Liturgy and Sacraments, Membership, Spiritual Maturity, Ministry, and Mission can be put into action at St. John the Evangelist parish in Long Green Valley.  Their plan hinges on inviting their parishioners to:

  • Commit to Vibrant Liturgy and the sacraments
  • Commit to Membership
  • Commit to Spiritual Maturity
  • Commit to Ministry
  • Commit to Mission

They are calling their parishioners to consider how God might be calling them to make this plan a reality and help them to achieve their vision.  Click here to read the executive summary and the plan.