Keeping Our Eyes On Christ

Recently a story was shared with me about St. Mother Teresa.

She held the hand of a young child who was hungry and approached a man who was well off asking him for assistance. The man’s reply:  he spit in Mother’s face. St. Mother Teresa’s response: “That was your gift to me, now do you have anything for the child?”

This struck me. Pondering it for days.What does this mean for being missionary disciples?

  • Do I have the audacity to be patient and loving when faced with persecution, or even mild rudeness or encountering a person who is wounded (physically, psychologically or spiritually) that isn’t maybe at the best time in their life?
  • Do I meet them where they are – in their brokenness – remembering the mission of the Gospel? Honestly, I’m not always that patient nor loving. I may complain. I may be self-centered in focusing on how it affected me or criticizing the other person. But I’m missing the point. I’m missing a lesson that God could use to teach me.

Mother Teresa persevered keeping her eye on the prize, her gaze fixed on Jesus. Her goal – to feed Jesus (in the feeding of this child). The field hospital is exactly that – it’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s tiring. But every time we persevere, we dispose ourselves to grace with the hope that we will grow in virtue.

Let us continue, even in the face of obstacles, without looking down at the waves below us, without taking our eyes off Christ.

St. Mother Teresa, pray for us.

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