Mission Matters: August 8, 2017

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”: Sharing the Convocation; Encuentro invitation to share; New studies on effects of divorce.

Parish Table Talk

•  Sharing the Convocation 2017: At the July Convocation in Orlando, there was a keynote and panel called “The Radical Call to Missionary Discipleship.” One of the panelists, Sr. Miriam Heidland, shared her moving testimony of how the powerful witness of a holy priest brought her to the fire of Christ’s love. Her advice to people who say they have “already encountered” Christ? It’s a continual encounter; we don’t just want to “manage well,” we want to live vibrantly! This is just one piece of the panel, one panel of the convocation; we invite you to take time to reap from the wisdom shared throughout the Convocation by watching the videos shared by the USCCB.

•  Encuentro Invitation to share: Archbishop Lori invites members of the archdiocese to participate in the V Encuentro. Share his video invite via YouTube or Facebook. There is also an invite in English by the bishops and members of the department of Evangelization, posted on both YouTube and Facebook. Please share these videos with the Latino members of your parish and encourage them to take part in the V Encuentro.•  New studies on long term effects of divorce: OSV writer Patti Armstrong reports on new studies showing the long term effects of divorce on children and challenges the idea that an amicable separation is better than an unhappy marriage. How has the “Myth of happy divorce” effected our marriage preparation programs and couples in our parish? How can we use this new research in our work with struggling couples as well as those dating or engaged?

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