Mission Matters: Jan. 24, 2017

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”: March for Life 2017; National Marriage Week; Novena for Life; National Catholic Office for the Deaf – Pastoral Week Conference; Transitions; plus this Thursday’s blog post.

From Lukewarm to On Fire for Christ, by Stacy Golden, Coordinator of Pastoral Care, Respect Life Office

•   March for Life 2017: The Archdiocese of Baltimore is ready to march for life this Friday! We have about 700 students headed to the Youth Rally & Mass and 19 buses plus two parish caravans  going down to DC.  The Archdiocese will have big signs  printed for all the students and another 500 for folks from our parishes who will meet us at the Mall. Find local resources and more information for your parishioners in the AoB website.

March for Life_

•   National Marriage Week:  National Marriage Week is coming up from February 7-14! As parish leaders, let’s work on spreading the good news of the Sacrament of Marriage during that time, in particular,  with this bulletin insert with quotes from the Joy of Love.  Also, share with your congregation these great events happening during National Marriage Week around our Archdiocese:

•   Novena for Life: It is day three of the “9 days for Life.” Each day’s one-page prayer guide focuses on a different intention and is comprised of five short sections: Intercession, prayers, reflection, acts for reparation,  and “one step further.” Let’s encourage our parishes to stay fiercely pro-life with this and other activities for life.

•   NCOD Pastoral Week Conference: This annual conference organized by the National Catholic Office for the Deaf (NCOD) gives laity and clergy the opportunity to gather and receive valuable training and resources for deaf ministry in their dioceses and parishes. This article provides ample information on the events  that took place during the conference and the importance of deaf ministry within every parish in the voices of several signing priests and attendees.


Natasha Wilson,  Coordinator of Education and Outreach/Coordinadora de Educación y Alcance – Office of Respect Life/ Oficina de Respeto a la Vida


About Natasha:

A native of  Washington, D.C. area, Natasha currently resides in Southwest Baltimore. She is a trained Chemical and Biochemical Engineer and received a Ph.D. in April 2016. Though as a child she was a Christian, Natasha spent a long time away from the faith. She had two conversions during her Ph.D., one of which led her into full communion with the Catholic Church. Natasha is “passionately pro-life” and hopes to use all of her gifts and talents in service of the Gospel of Life, which Jesus came to bring to every man and woman. She is looking forward to working in God’s vineyard with all of us. As a special request, Natasha is asking us all to pray for her and her ministry.

Acerca de Natasha:

Soy originaria de Washington, D.C, pero al momento vivo en el suroeste de Baltimore. Soy ingeniera química y bioquímica y recibí mi doctorado en Abril de 2016. A pesar de que cuando era joven, fui Cristiana, pasé mucho tiempo lejos de mi fe. Tuve dos eventos de conversión durante mis estudios de doctorado: uno de ellos me llevó a una completa unión con la Iglesia Católica. Soy una defensora apasionada de la causa de Pro-Vida y espero usar a mis dones y a mis talentos al servicio del Evangelio de la Vida que Jesús trajo a toda la humanidad. Que Dios les bendiga y espero con emoción trabajar con ustedes en la Viña del Señor. Por favor, recen por mí.

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