Mission Matters: Mar. 14, 2017

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”: ChristLife National Training Conference; Resource spotlight – Kerygma 4 Kids; Single Again Conference; plus this Thursday’s blog post.

Watch for this Thursday’s post

When D(iagnosis)-Day isn’t an End . . ., by Johanna Coughlin, Director of Respect Life Office

Parish Table Talk

•   ChristLife National Training Conference: The ChristLife National Training Conference is around the corner — April 26-28, at St. Philip Neri in Linthicum. Join with parish leaders from around the country to learn how to implement the ChristLife series in your parish.

  Resource Spotlight:  Looking for a way to share the kerygma in an age-appropriate way that can be integrated into your religious education curriculum? Check out Kerygma 4 Kids, a new evangelization tool for grades K-5. If you have or will be using the ideas or resources from Kerygma 4 Kids in your parish, leave a review in our resource section of the BeMissionaryDisciples.org website.

•   Single Again?: Saturday April 29, 2017  the Annual Single Again Conference is Back! Sponsored by Single Again Ministry of Our Lady of the Fields, this one day conference for separated, divorced, bereaved, & remarried Christians ends in mass. Topics include anger & forgiveness; bereavement; annulments; dating, healing, & healthy relationships; & the impact of divorce on children & families. Registration includes breakfast/snack & onsite lunch. Contact the committee about volunteering opportunities &/or scholarships. To register or for more info: Facebook: Single Again Ministry of Our Lady of the Fields. Email: Ministry4SingleAgain@gmail.com or Glenna Cuevas at gcuevas@olfparish.com

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