Mission Matters: Mar. 7, 2017

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”: Catholic Men’s Conference; Evangelization training camp; Resource spotlight – ChristLife; Maryland March for Life; RCIA article; Hospitality Training; plus this Thursday’s blog post.

Watch for this Thursday’s post

Stations of the Cross, by Deacon Presberry, Director of Prison Ministry

Parish Table Talk

•   “Rise Up, O Men of God”: The Catholic Men’s Fellowship is March 25, 2017. There is still time and space to register and come as an individual or group from your parish. Guest speakers this year are Scott Hahn, Paul Shelton and Alex Zunca.

•   Transform Your World: Ever wish you could go on an evangelization training camp? That wish can be granted for young people at your parish, with the “Transform Your World” Evangelization Training Camp 2017 this July in Kansas.  Check out their website for more information and to see if you want to invite young people from your parish to attend.

•   Resource Spotlight: Did you miss the Showcase presentations on Thursday morning of MAC? One of the featured showcases was ChristLife. This apostolate, located in our own Archdiocese, developed the ChristLife Series to help all people discover, follow, and share Jesus Christ as members of the Catholic Church.  Visit their website to learn more about bringing the ChristLife series to your parish. If you have or will be using the ideas or resources from ChristLife in your parish, leave a review in our resource section of the BeMissionaryDisciples.org website.

•   Maryland March for Life: This Monday is the Maryland March for Life.  We hope to see many of you and your parishioners joining with us in Annapolis on the 13th. For more information on the Youth Rally, Mass (concelebrated by Bishop Brennan and Bishop Parker), March, Rally and Fellowship please visit the Maryland March for Life website.

•   Is your RCIA declining?: There has been a 50% drop off in RCIA in the US since the high point in 2001. Why? What can we do about it?  This article provides some interesting insight and suggestions for how we can get more RCIA inquirers. Share your thoughts on these suggestions in the comment section below.

•   Hospitality Training Resource: St. Paul Street Evangelization offers hospitality training, called “Entertaining Angels.” This one day course and 12 month follow up support could be a great aid in training greeters, hospitality committee, and all parish volunteers to be more intentional and effective in their welcoming.

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