Mission Matters: May 22, 2018

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”: Equip Lay Ministry Formation Program for Hispanic Community; Young Adult Ministry Summit in DC; Reminder about Spanish Missal training and Diaconate Ordinations; A Quiet Place Movie Review – surprising religious themes

Parish Table Talk

• Equip Lay Ministry Formation Program for Hispanic Community: “Equip” Spanish Courses on Faith Foundations continue around parishes with Hispanic Ministry (PROMO FLYER). Please share the importance of participating in this program for all volunteers and lay ministers of Hispanic Community. These classes promote growth in the four areas of Formation: Spiritual, Human, Intellectual and Pastoral. Starting this week, a course about the Fundamentals of Catholic Faith and Doctrine will be offer at the following Parishes: Our Lady of Fatima in Baltimore with Rev. Edmundo Molina and Resurrection of Our Lord in Laurel, MD with Deacons Jose Gabin and Jose Morales (OLF – ROL – FLYER). Both courses are on schedule for Tuesdays from 7:00 pm to 9:00pm, from May 22nd to June 26, 2018. Importantly, please share the Equip regulations (Regulations PDF). For additional information, please contact the office for Hispanic Pastoral Formation – John Fredy Jiménez M.   john.jimenez@archbalt.org, Tel. 410 547 5450.

• Young Adult Ministry Summit in DC: Last week a Young Adult Ministry Summit took place in Washington DC. The summit was attended by more than 133 young adult ministry leaders including Rudy Dehaney, Ana Martinez, and Sarah Jarzembowski representing the Archdiocese of Baltimore as well as Nicholas Stein (Sisters of Bon Secours Young Adults) who was part of the leadership team for the summit. This summit has been recognized by Vatican News (see link). All who attended are still processing the information that was shared and discussed. This is an exciting moment for young adults and those who minister with them.

• Reminder about Spanish Missal training and Diaconate Ordinations: A reminder about training on the new Spanish translation of the Missal on June 11, 2018 from 1pm-4pm (for clergy and lay leaders) and 6:30pm-9:30pm (for musical ministers) (FLYER IN SPANISH/FLYER IN ENGLISH). Diaconate (transitional) ordinations will take place on Saturday, May 26, 2018 10 am at the Basilica of the Assumption. Six candidates will be ordained to the diaconate.

• A Quiet Place movie review – surprising religious themes: A Quiet Place has recently been reviewed by Catholic writers and commentators such as Bishop Robert Barron and the National Catholic Register. Each were pleasantly surprised by religious themes friendly to Catholic teaching on the gift of human life, marriage and family, the role of silence, and the complex portrayal of a deaf teenager dealing with guilt and grief after a family tragedy. For a good review with very few spoilers, see this National Catholic Register article. A helpful note from the article’s author about the movie: “Much intense menace and peril, scary creature effects and occasional deadly creature violence; a bloody labor sequence. Teens and up.”

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