Mission Matters: May 24, 2016

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”: Fortnight for Freedom; New marriage preparation programs; V Encuentro of Hispanic ministry; Camp Glow 2016; plus this Thursday’s blog post.

Watch for this Thursday’s Post: Parish Survey Series #6

Coming to church but not spiritually fed?, by Christopher Yeung, Pastoral Associate of the Office of Pastoral Planning

  • V Encuentro of Hispanic/ Latino Ministry: There are approximately 30.5 million Catholics from Latino/Hispanic origin in the United States and they constitute the emerging majority within the Catholic Church.  Even if your parish hosts a small number of Latinos every week (or many of them!), consider reviewing the resources and timeline of  the V Encuentro, a four-year process of ecclesial action aiming to discern ways to better respond to the Hispanic presence in our country.Familyfinal
  • Camp Glow – First Session: The Office of Disabilities Ministry is getting ready for the first of three sessions for Camp GLOW this year. Spots are filling rapidly!  Make sure to check out our information page with all things CAMP GLOW: dates, application forms, code of conduct, and other resources for parish leaders.

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