Mission Matters: October 3, 2017

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”:  Share the Journey: Week of Prayer and Action; Respect Life Month; Given; Word on Fire Digital; Compassion Fatigued?; Sharing the Convocation 2017

Parish Table Talk

•  Share the Journey: Week of Prayer and Action: Join Archbishop Lori as he leads the Archdiocese in the Share the Journey campaign, the historic global movement to show support for migrants and refugees. During the week of October 7th-13th there will be a week of prayer and action. Find out more about how your parish community can engage in the week of prayer and action on behalf of migrants and refugees. Also, see Pope Francis’s video commencing the campaign on September 27th.

• Respect Life Month: October is Respect Life Month and the theme is Be Not Afraid. Check out the Respect Life Month page on our website for more details about what parishes can do to participate in this month of cherishing and celebrating life! Need help brainstorming ideas, feel free to contact the Respect Life office at 410-547-5537 or life@archbalt.org.

•  Given: Unveiling the Meaning of Marriage: Last weekend dating, married, and engaged couples from around the Archdiocese participated in GIVEN: Unveiling the Mystery of Marriage.  See photos HERE.  Please also invite parishioners to the next date—November 4th at St. Ignatius Hickory (Flyer). www.archbalt.org/marriage

•  Word on Fire Digital: Word on Fire has developed a new digital platform where for a monthly fee of $19.95, subscribers get access to all of Word on Fire’s digital content. Items can also be purchased individually. Try out a free 3-day trial and share with your networks. Word on Fire is a great tool for evangelization.

•  Compassion Fatigued?: Though the title of this article seems a bit off putting, 4 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Bitter Catholic, these four tips can also be viewed as tips to avoid the effects of compassion fatigue, which is something that ministers face often. Check these tips out and let us know what you think.

•  Sharing the Convocation 2017: Audio is available for many of the breakout session for the Convocation. Here’s another audio clip from the Convocation about the Throwaway Culture of which Pope Francis has often spoken: Addressing and Understanding the Throwaway Culture. Listen to this session and start a conversation.

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