Mission Matters: September 19, 2017

This week’s “Parish Table Talk”:  World Youth Day 2019, Panama; Share the Journey; Bishop Barron at Facebook HQ; Sharing the Convocation 2017

Parish Table Talk

•  World Youth Day 2019, Panama: Please invite young adults in your ministry to consider participating in our World Youth Day (WYD) pilgrimage.  There will be an information night on October 3 at St. Joseph Parish in Cockeysville and on October 10th at Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City. Both will begin at 7:00 pm and last about an hour and a half. Your invitation can make all the difference in the spiritual life of a young adult. Information can be found at Baltimore Catholic World Youth Day.

•  Share the Journey: We invite you to Love Your Neighbor by joining the Share the Journey campaign, the historic global movement to show support for migrants and refugees. On September 27th, Pope Francis will invite people around the world to use social media to share the journey of millions of migrant and refugee families — and to see them as God’s children who are seeking safety and a decent life. We invite you to participate — and to encourage your networks to join you.

•  Bishop Robert Barron at Facebook HQ: Bishop Robert Barron gave a talk at Facebook Headquarters how to engage in a rational and productive discussion about religion in the public square. Check it out here on Facebook and share with those you minister to how they can engage in meaningful discussions about their faith.

•  Sharing the Convocation 2017: Audio is available for many of the breakout session for the Convocation. Here’s audio from one of the most popular topics of the Convocation: The Rise of the “Nones” and Understanding Inactive and Disconnected Catholics. This topic would make a great conversation starter in the parish. Consider gathering to listen to this audio together in groups with a guided discussion afterward.

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