Amazing Parish

How can you make your parish an “Amazing” Parish? This is a growing movement that helps provide some answers to that question.

Amazing Parish brings together some of the most talented leaders and teachers in the Church today when it comes to parish-based evangelization. They have three main ways to support pastoral leaders in embracing the “missionary conversion” of their parishes. The first is a great website full of resources that offer practical, concrete ways to approach what they call the “Seven Traits” of an “amazing parish”, which is a parish that makes disciples:

  1. A Reliance on Prayer
  2. A Real Leadership Team
  3. A Clear Vision and Plan
  4. The Sunday Experience
  5. Compelling Formation
  6. Small Group Discipleship
  7. Missionary Zeal

Second is the Amazing Parish conferences hosted each year in Denver, Colorado. Finally, a team of consultants offers guidance and support for particular parishes that request their services.

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To learn more, visit their website.

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