Shroud of Turin Talks

This presentation on the Shroud of Turin is a powerful opportunity for parishioners, and all seekers, to encounter Christ in a unique and compelling way.

The mission of “Shroud Talks” is to bring to the fuller awareness of Catholics the enormous sacrifice undertaken by Jesus Christ to set us free from sin. The utlimate goal is to bring all people into the Heart of Christ, practicing Catholics, lapsed Catholics, Christians, and non-Christians.

They carry out this mission in parishes, schools, retirement and nursing homes, churches, and other organizations  by:

Showing a full size copy of the Shroud and the Kodak photographic negatives;
Presenting a one-hour hour and 20 minute talk with PowerPoint (or a two-hour presentation in Spanish;
This presentation summarizes the history and the science but ends with a a detailed description and story of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ beginning with the Last Supper.

All presentations are offered free of charge, unless promotional postcards and/or banners are requested upfront. Artwork for fliers, bulletins and the actual talk itself are also provided free of charge.

For more information, contact director and speaker, Bill Wingard, at

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To book a free presentation, or learn more, visit their website.

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