Strong Catholic Family Faith

A website to provide parish and school leaders with high quality resources to build strong Catholic families

The Strong Catholic Family Faith website has been created to assist parish and school leaders in finding the best and most relevant content and experiences for developing faith-filled Catholic families.  All of these resources have been selected and reviewed by the Project Team and drawn from trusted sources. For their collection of resources for the Year of Mercy, visit The Project Team has taken care to ensure that the recommended resources reflect the following criteria:

    1. The biblical content and activities reflect Catholic biblical scholarship.
    2. The theological content and activities reflect Catholic beliefs, traditions, and teachings as found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
    3. The content and activities reflect and support Catholic values.
    4. The content and activities are developmentally appropriate to the stage of life.
    5. The content and activities are ethnically/culturally sensitive and inclusive.
    6. The content and activities are inclusive of a variety of family structures.
    7. The website, content, and/or activities are easy to use for parish leaders, parents, family members, and/or the whole family.
    8. The websites, content, and/or activities provide high quality experiences for families.

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To order or learn more, visit their website.

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