St. Joseph Odenton Pastoral Plan – A Beacon of God’s Love and Hope in Service to all of His People

The Planning team at St. Joseph, Odenton were part of the 2018 cohort of parishes.  They completed their plan just prior to the pandemic and have now updated and released their new evangelization-based plan.  The plan builds on the four well-established pillars of the parish; To Build, To Believe, To belong and to Bear Witness.  The Plan leverages the diversity of the St. Joseph community with a focus on celebrating diverse liturgies and feast days and identifying different groups in the community that are not being served by the parish to engage them.  They have already begun to shift their faith formation model away from a classroom model to engaging family catechesis.  They also hope to engage their parishioners in outreach that will connect their faith with service.

Click here to view St. Joseph Odenton’s plan.




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