“Church’s Out for Summer?”

Oh!! Know who said that? A young girl said this after Mass to her mother on Sunday. Her mom and I told her that the Church has seasons but they’re liturgical. Unlike schools, the Church is never closed. Vacations? We all need them, young and old alike. The Church recognizes this and invites us to spend some time away rejuvenate ourselves. Read more

Seven Ways NOT to Invite People into Ministry (and a few hints on how to avoid them)

People come to church bearing gifts. They come to us, made in the image and likeness of God. That is gift enough. But wait … there’s more:they bring to us their gifts, their talents, their time, and treasure.They entrust to us those that they love most in this world, and ask only that we love them as well. We, for our part, ask them to serve in our parishes in a number of great ways.

Here then are seven not so great ways to invite people to ministry: Read more