Developing Young Missionary Disciples

Thanks to Pope Francis, much of the Church- including our own Archdiocese – is talking about Missionary Discipleship. That’s a really nice catch phrase, but what does it look like?  How do we do Missionary Discipleship and how do we create a young church full of Missionary Disciples? Here are three ways to start: Read more

Spiritual Accompaniment: Transitioning from the Mountaintop Experience to Reality

There are some amazing conferences happening in our Archdiocese this week.  The Mid-Atlantic Congress (MAC) begins today! This is the fifth year that the Archdiocese has offered pastoral leaders the opportunity for skills development, networking, and prayer with other pastoral leaders. Also happening this week is Mount 2000, an intense retreat for high school students. It provides young people with an opportunity to pray in community and be formed more deeply in their faith. Both the MAC and Mount 2000 can be intensely moving. Some call these type of occurrences “mountain top experiences” because on the top of the mountain you feel spiritually and physically closer to God, and in hindsight these moments can be seen as climactic. Read more

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