When D(iagnosis)-Day isn’t an End . . .

Rapid advancements in perinatal testing equip families with information about their newest members as they prepare to welcome them. This information can be so valuable for families to prepare their hearts and homes for children with special needs or to prepare emotionally for what might be a short time with their children. Imagine the range of emotions: joy, devastation, anticipation, fear, stress, and others that they may experience.

Parish communities and pastoral ministers embracing families throughout their zip code that have received an adverse prenatal diagnosis need to be equipped to support them in their grief, celebrate with them in the joy of new life, and provide them with the practical resources they need. Isaiah’s Promise can help provide this support, information, friendship, and hope.  Radically generous women who have received adverse prenatal diagnoses for their own children, accompany families throughout this journey. They help families cherish their babies’ lives, regardless of condition or life expectancy.

D(iagnosis)-Day doesn’t have to be an end. D-Day can be the beginning of healing, making memories and memorializing them, and cherishing every moment in a new way.

To learn more, please visit Isaiah’s Promise here. You can also read the story of a joy-filled family from St. Mark’s parish and one of their sons, Joseph Angelo, here.

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